Where Can I Find Empty Boxes For House Moving?

Being attentive to details and organized becomes necessary in order to make the house moving process as convenient as possible. However, you cannot begin packing without empty boxes. It may not seem so, but it can be expensive to buy new or even used boxes from office supply stores or shipping companies. Fortunately, you do not have to waste your money since there are many places where you can find free boxes if you keep your eyes open. In fact, by reusing boxes, you will not only save money but also help the environment.
Look into the following options if you want to find previously used boxes that are clean and sturdy enough to keep your belongings safe during the move.

Where Can I Find Empty Boxes For House Moving?

Ask Around
If you do not want to immediately head out looking for free boxes, then just put the word out to your friends, neighbours, relatives, etc. that you are in need of free boxes for house moving. If any of your friends or neighbours recently moved, then it is very likely that they still have a few of their moving boxes lying around that they want to get rid of. If no one you know has moved recently, then you might be able to get a hold of free boxes at work. In fact, if you work at an office, it likely a lot of boxes are discarded regularly, which are had arrived with beverages, paper, toner and other office supplies in them. Again, the company you work for probably wants those boxes off their hands, so you would be doing them a favour by taking them.

Local retailers and stores
Most local retailers and stores often recycle their cardboard boxes, and it is likely that you will be able to take those boxes off their hands for free if you ask to speak to the manager. In fact, disposing off all of those boxes tends to be troublesome so they would be more than glad to get rid of them and hand them over to you. Used boxes that are no longer needed can also be found in cardboard recycling bins down the alleyways of retailers and stores, but it would be courteous to check with them before taking any of those.

Retailers and stores also receive shipments on particular days, so it will be more likely to get a hold of free boxes at the end of those days. Retailers and stores that will probably happily give away boxes they no longer need include bookstores, computer stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, liquor stores, office supply stores, and shoe stores.

Office Buildings
Often, tons of packages arrive at banks, office buildings, professional buildings and other companies on a daily basis. Moreover, those boxes are no longer needed once they have been unpacked. For instance, boxes that may have held reams of paper tend to have lids, so they can be particularly useful. Therefore, you should walk in and speak to whoever is at the front desk so that you are pointed in the right direction to whomever you need to speak to regarding getting some of those empty boxes for free.

Recycling Centre
If you are not able to find free boxes by asking around or at local offices or stores, then your best bet would be to visit a recycling centre. The drawback is that most of the boxes will probably be broken down, i.e. they will be folded up, the tape will be removed, or they might be tied up together, to company with legal recycling laws. However, you will also find boxes in various sizes, but you will have to carefully sift through them to find those that will be useful enough for the move.

Moving Company
A small number of free empty boxes are also included by moving companies as a part of their service. The number of boxes may or may not be sufficient for all your moving needs, but having even a few will prove to be helpful. Moreover, hard-to-find packaging tends to be a specialty of moving companies, which will be useful if you need to move certain items that have a peculiar shape and size.

It may seem silly that something as simple as cardboard boxes cost money, but that is how it is. However, that does not mean that you must spend money on them for house moving. If you need boxes in which your belongings will be carried and transported, then you should be able to find enough boxes for free at the above places.


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