What Should You Do Before Hiring A Mover?

There is a lot of work to be done when you are changing your location of residue. You need to transport your whole life into a new house or apartment. Just imagine how many things there are to move. This seems like an endless job, and it probably would be if you are doing it by yourself. However, if you hire professional movers to help you, everything can be done in a couple of days. These people have required equipment to transport your stuff safely and as fast as possible. Instead of wasting your time on transporting furniture and boxes, you can spend it on some important things.

There are various moving companies that you can choose from. So, the question is where to find appropriate movers? People had so much bad experience with certain companies, and you should know these things so you can avoid additional problems. That’s why we will give you a couple of tips that will help you to choose the right movers.

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1) Interstate or intrastate mover

There are different categories of movers. Interstate move is the one that will transport your stuff across the state border. Intrastate is the one that will help you to move within the borders of the state. The first thing is to determine what type of movers you need. Keep in mind that money matters here because the interstate movers tend to be more expensive. Some things that you should consider here are:
• The budget that you can spend on the movers
• The amount of things that need to be transported
• The distance

2) Check the movers

After you’ve decided what type of movers do you need, a great number of companies will be on your service. You need to pick one, and that can be a hard decision. The basic is to do some research. Check the internet for the information about the companies, and see if there are some comments and reviews. This can be of great help. You can also search for people that were also changing their residue, and ask them for a recommendation. There is one thing that you should pay attention to and those are rogue companies. Here are some tips on how to recognize them:
• The price is unusually low
• The estimate is not based on weight but on cubic feet
• The company demands large deposit before the job is done
• Their website doesn’t contain contact or licensing information


3) It’s all about the questions

When you contact your mover, there are some questions that you will want to ask. They are all related to the moving. This is a good way to narrow down your choice, and to pick the right company. Your questions should relate to:
• The companies license and registration number
• The details about the pricing
• Additional fees
• Subcontractors
• Recommendations and previous experiences

4) Estimate is what matters the most

The estimate is an important part of your quest for the right movers. Over the phone, or even live, you will get an estimate from the company. This is a plan of moving and payment. You will provide with the information about distance and things that you are transporting, and the company will give you an estimate. This estimate will explain to you how much money you need to invest in this project and how long shall it last.
There are two types of estimates:

• Non-binding:
This means that company cannot take more than 10% over the estimated price
• Binding –
The company can even charge you for the estimate. If the amount of things that you are moving is not estimated correctly, you will still need to pay the price that is written in the document.

5) Don’t wait with the reclamation

There are various cases of people that opened the box a year after the moving and they found broken things. This can happen to anyone, but not anyone can make reclamation to the company. Why? Well, there is a period of only nine months during which you can report the problem. After that, you can just sit and cry because there is nothing that you can do. Follow these steps to be sure that nothing bad can happen:
• Check the stuff before the moving begins
• Check them again after the boxes arrive
• If there is a problem, report it immediately

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6) Understand the principles of insurance

A company that accepts the job has a liability for the things that they are transporting. If something happens during the transport, they are in legal obligation to compensate the value of the damaged goods. There are two possible liabilities, and charges that are applied for each of them:
• Full liability:

This means that if something gets damaged, the company must pay for it or repair it. With this possibility, your things will be completely protected
• Alternative liability:

This is the minimal protection. If something gets damaged the mover will pay only 60 cents per pound.

7) The cost

The final thing on our list is the cost of the movers, of course. As we have already mentioned, the price depends on a number of things and the distance. There are binding and non-binding estimates that also have a great influence on the money that you will have to give. The final price is also based on the external services that are provided. Some companies include equipment, others include additional helpers, and some of them are just charging the transport. It’s up to you to search for the right one.


Hiring a company to move your things to the new location is not an easy job at all. There are various things that you will have to check before you pick the company. First, you will have to see what type of the movers do you need. When you finish with this, have some time to check the background of the companies. There are rogue companies on the market that can easily trick you. Ask them about their license, the pricing and registration number. Pick between non-binding estimate and a binding one. Check for the payment, and see if your budget can cover all the costs. At last, unpack your things as soon as they arrive and report if there is some problem.

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