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Reasons Why Less Singaporeans Are Doing DIY Moving And Hiring Professional Movers

DIY Moving
The Dangers of DIY Moving

For most people, the primary motivation for them to do house moving themselves is to save cost. Other reasons may stem from their desire to experience the joy of doing it themselves if they have the time, energy and expertise, or their limited amount of furniture to be moved, or their pool of willing friends or relatives who are able to lend a hand. However, there still remains a majority of folks who prefer to delegate this job to professional movers. They have come to realise the immense benefits they can reap from such arrangement and the dangers of not doing so.

Moving house is to most, a much time consuming and often stressful task. The owners have to first identify the things they wish to bring along to the new house, have them packed neatly and transported safely to the new destination. Upon arrival, they have to unpack the stuffs and place them in their designated places. Many issues can crop up throughout the entire process. In their haste to relocate or their lack of experience, home owners often neglect to prepare the necessary checklists that would be handy at the various checkpoints. For example, a checklist each may be drawn up for days prior to the move date, the actual moving day itself and post relocation.

A pre-relocation checklist may include going through the existing “clutter” and deciding which ones to be discarded. Many home owners end up packing stuff that they do not really need, which result in wasting resources and money in moving them. This disorganised frenzy may also include seemingly minor but frustrating incidents like packing in the daily necessities and sealing them up along with other belongings. The owners end up having to purchase new ones for the initial period before they are uncovered. The boxes too, may not be labelled properly according to room, owner or utility, leading to haphazard placements and time wasted in searching for things. Conversely, owners may tend to overlook other pertinent matters like contacting the respective agencies for electricity, gas, phone/ internet to be disconnected at the old premise and to be re-connected at the new one.

The onus to scot or purchase cardboard boxes, materials for wrapping and taping also lies with the owners. They may lack packing experience, especially for items requiring special handling. For instance, the boxes should be strong enough to withstand heavy weights; shrink wrap should be used for furniture like fridge and sofa; bubble wrap for fragile and delicate crockeries, art and decorative pieces; and the tapes must be strong and durable enough to seal the boxes tightly. The packing may fall short of the optimum, leaving voids in between the things, thus wasting space and increasing the chance of breakage. If any of these steps are not carried out properly, the belongings may end up scratched, damaged or exposed to dust, dirt and rain.

Packing too much things into a box will make it too heavy to be carried. This will inevitably cause physical strain on the carriers, with possible repercussion effects. Even if they manage to dodge being injured, damage may be caused to other properties should the box or object drops. Trying to carry overly tall objects down narrow stairways is another unsafe act waiting for accidents to happen. Bulky items like beds, sofas, tables, or cabinets may be quite difficult to manoeuvre around tight corners and someone has to figure out how best to do it. Certain things like piano need trained professionals to move; fish and plants (with soil and big branches) also warrant additional attention. Some furniture needs to be dismantled for efficient packing and be re-assembled thereafter - the owners should be able to restore them to their original structure.

Having the right type of transport poses another logistics problem. The vehicle must be big enough to accommodate all the boxes - otherwise several round trips will have to be made, upping fuel cost as a result. The boxes have to be properly secured to prevent falling off in transit or when unloading, failing which safety issues may surface. The driver too, must be comfortable with driving such big loads.

Another disadvantage of DIY moving is the lack of insurance coverage should any of the properties be damaged, missing, or misplaced; or personnel injured in the course of removal. Professional movers are covered by insurance. In addition, they may also have warehouse space for temporarily storing things which owners do not need in the immediate future. They can help to dispose of unwanted bulky furniture, which otherwise needs to be done by the owners themselves.

In the case of international relocation where the boxes are to be sent overseas, there are specific requirements like documentation and delivery methods to be met. A DIY mover may not be fully aware of such prerequisites and risk having their boxes delayed, or worse, not delivered at all.
Faced with the challenges of DIY moving, home owners will have a half mind about hiring specialist help to take the stress and risk out of moving. It is akin to being pound foolish and penny wise should they choose to go their own way.
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