Should You Spring Clean Your House After Moving To A New Place

Spring cleaning is a method to deep clean the houses. It is meant especially for cleaning away the mess of winter. If you are moving to a new place, it is important to clean the house properly. After moving to the new home, you can see a lot of untidiness everywhere. Moving involves lots of packing and unpacking which leave the boxes and clutters everywhere. House cleaning is essential because of many reasons. Besides being a perfect stress-buster, it also helps to keep the home and the environment clean. So, you will be able to breathe better quality air. Pollutants and airborne germs can cause several respiratory problems and allergies. It helps you to live a healthy and happy life in a clean and tidy environment. You will be at complete peace of mind that you are living in a place without any germs or bacteria.

Spring cleaning after moving house

Should You Spring Clean?

Of course, you must spring clean your entire house after you move to a new home. This is not only for de-cluttering the stuffs that are scattered everywhere, but also to ensure that the house is completely clean and free of germs. As mentioned earlier, packing and unpacking is a tough job and the aftereffect can be quite a mess. You can see a lot of boxes or unwanted things lying here and there. You cannot have a good start at your new home if things are messy around you.

Besides that, spring cleaning is also important to deep clean the entire house before you start living. Before you move in, you do not know what the condition of the house was. You may not know for how long the house was empty and whether or not it was properly cleaned by the previous owners or tenants. Thus, you need to deep clean the entire house including the carpet, kitchen area, bathroom as well as the patio (if any). It can help your new home to get as clean and healthy as possible.

How to clean your new home?

Are you confused about how to start cleaning your new home and what to clean? Then here are some pro tips for you which will help you to start cleaning after the stressful house moving:

Tip #1: Clean the fridge first

It is important to start by cleaning the fridge first. You need to sanitize it so that you can store your foods there. Keeping your foods in an untidy and unhygienic fridge can take a toll on your health. So, remove the drawers and shelves to start cleaning. Clean each every shelf and drawer with warm water and soap. To remove the greasiness and oil, use warm water and vinegar solution.

Tip #2: Clean the kitchen

Now, you have to start cleaning the kitchen as well. It is very important for you to clean it as this is one of the most important places in the house. Without a clean kitchen, you cannot start a healthy lifestyle. Clean the cabinets, countertops, microwave, sink, stovetop and the dishwasher thoroughly. Use the same vinegar solution to get rid of any greasiness in the kitchen. Pay special attention to the corners of the kitchen. To remove the stubborn stains on the countertop and stovetop you can use hydrogen peroxide or baking soda for it.

Tip #3: Clean the bathroom

Next important part of the house where you must pay attention is the bathroom. Of course, this is the place where hygiene is utmost important. Hence start the deep cleaning here by cleaning the washbasin, showerheads, toilet pots and the bathtub. You need to make sure to that the entire bathroom is properly sanitized and cleaned before you start using it. Bathroom, if not cleaned or sanitized properly, can be highly unhygienic and harmful for the health. It can be a source for several infections and diseases. Hiring a part time maid can help you to clean the house for you if you are too busy to do a deep cleaning.

Tip #4: Clean the carpets/floors

You need to clean the floors of the entire house and if there are carpets throughout the floor, then you need to work a little harder. Vacuuming the carpet or floor is not enough. When it is the flood, mopping after vacuuming is essential. Vacuuming can remove the dust and dirt. But mopping is essential to clean the finest dirt particles and germs thoroughly. Even for the carpet, you have to use an efficient carpet cleaning solution to deep clean the carpets. Lots of dirt and dust can get accumulated in the carpet which cannot be drawn out by the vacuum cleaner. These dirt and dust can be a reason for the growth of germs and bacteria which can cause infections and allergies. You can also hire a professional cleaner to help you clean the carpet.

Cleaning after moving

Hiring A Professional

There is no doubt that house cleaning can be a very tiring and stressful job for any person who is not habituated or properly trained for this. It is not always possible for a normal person to do a thorough cleaning in just one day. If you are working person and you hardly get time to spring clean your house, you can call professionals for that. There are many reliable and licensed professionals who can help you to clean the house properly.

So, hiring a professional part time cleaner after house moving is essential to ensure that your house is properly cleaned and sanitized. It is important to ensure hygiene in your home, especially if you have a kid or a baby at home. But before hiring one, you need to make sure that the professional cleaner or maid is properly trained and have good experience in this field. You must also check whether or not he/she has a valid permit or license to work in your city or state. Check his/her past records to know more about the professional background and details about the cleaner and the services. Hire once you are completely sure that he/she is 100% credible and a reliable one who can efficiently clean your house. And if you are looking for reliable spring cleaning companies in Singapore, you may consider these companies:

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