Should I DIY Move Or Hire Moving Service?

Moving is often a hectic venture that is replete with strenuous tasks and complex decisions. Usually, the foremost decision that a moving Singaporean must make is whether to hire a professional moving service or to opt for a DIY move. Both options have their merits and demerits and their unique place in every specific moving event. Essentially, therefore, the final decision on the option to use should be made after careful research and proper understanding of the intricacies of the specific move being considered. Every moving is unique in terms of distance, number of items, item fragility and level of urgency.

DIY Or Hire Moving Service

Hiring a moving service has the benefit of allowing you to use trained and experienced packers and transporters to handle your belongings. This way, there is greater guarantee that your delicate and most fragile items will be moved safely. Professional movers take responsibility for the safety of your precious belongings during moving. Any damages during moving will be compensated and you have the luxury of time to do other more important tasks while the moving service company manages the moving process. Alternatively, you can opt for a DIY move in order to take greater responsibility for the safety of your belongings. Sadly, however, most Singaporeans are inexperienced in handling and packing delicate items and a DIY move may cause unprecedented damages and losses.

Hiring a professional moving service company means that someone else will load and off-load your heavy items into the moving van or truck and save you from the strenuous work. Professionals will also use the best wrapping techniques and will position items inside the truck in a space-conserving manner, reducing the number of trips and the overall cost. Expert movers Singapore also know the tricks of navigating the corridors without damaging the walls and placing the items on floors without floor damages.

Singapore movers will also drive the loaded moving trucks skillfully through bumps and bad roads without damages to your belongings. On the other hand, a DIY move will expose you to strenuous tasks, such as wrapping, loading, off-loading and driving. If you opt to hire a truck or driver, you may still have to pay more.

DIY moves are often feasible when moving few items over shorter distances. You will save a lot of money and run your moving schedule as you wish. However, when your entire household items are to be moved over thousands of miles it is wiser to opt for expert Singapore movers. While you may think that a DIY move is more affordable, the devil is usually in the details of the option.

Using public transport to move items is hectic and the costs may increase drastically if you have to hire a truck. If you have a private truck or van, the strain is reduced, but you are not a professional at packing, loading, off-loading, unpacking and your spine might twist in the process. Generally, a DIY move will affect you mentally and physically.

The best moving option is usually hiring expert movers. There are really rare circumstances when a DIY move will be suitable. In many cases, Singaporeans are moving from sizeable homes over longer distances and with many belongings and family members. Such people should opt for professional moving companies. However, if the person moving is single and has few items to move over a shorter distance, a DIY move is most recommended. Overall, individuals should prioritize what is of value to them, such as control, safety, costs, scheduling, convenience and speed when choosing either a DIY move or a moving service company

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