How To Save Money When Moving To A New Home?

Moving to a new home can be problematic anywhere in the world including Singapore due to its expensiveness along with the hassle of the activities involved in it. You will have to organise the things carefully to save money while moving your home. The process of moving home starts with creating checklists of the items to be moved, hiring a mover and accomplishing the tasks one-by-one to save not only the money but time also at every step. Moreover you should set a budget for moving to your new home in Singapore. Though may have to spend more than your expectation while moving your home but manage your finances effectively if you have a budget ready with you. Now after preparing your checklist and budget you can start saving money as per the tips given here under.

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Tips to save money while moving home

Keep all the information you may need on the way while moving your home in a file. The file should contain information about the contact details of the mover, inventories of the furniture and other invoices etc. You should also include the information about the estimates and fee of major services you may need after reaching in your new home. These services may include movers of the furniture, house cleaners, storage units and rent of the truck etc.

Some of the expenses or fees can be avoided by taking some simple steps including the packing of your belongings yourself before the arrival of the mover. Movers charge additional fee including the cost of packing boxes for packing your furniture and other household items while moving to the other location. While packing your goods yourself you can arrange boxes from your family and friends or some nearby moving store on hire/purchase basis. You can return these boxes after emptying them at your destination. It will help you in saving money as the rent of these boxes will be much less than their purchase price.
Engage a mover well in advance instead of booking him on the last minute especially when moving season is at its peak. It will not only save your money but also your time and efforts.


If you have to dump some of your belongings while moving to your new home then instead of renting a dumpster you should borrow or rent a truck to drive your dump yourself as it will be cheaper than renting the former. You should go for a dumpster only if the property has to be demolished completely.
Plan the settings of your belongings in the new home so that you can unload them at proper place with the help of the mover. You will not need to spend on readjusting the things again and again. Moreover you can also sort out the things that you may not need at the new location. Such things can help you in making some additional money by selling the unwanted cluttered things through garbage sale.

You can easily get rid of many services which you were getting against monthly payments like water supply, electricity and the delivery of newspaper etc. by stopping them before moving to the new location. You can also have additional money in your hand by collecting the money deposited with these services
You should hire an experienced and reliable mover to move to your next home in Singapore. Sometimes it becomes hard to find a right moving company as some of them agree to move you without measuring the amount of your goods. He may charge additionally after accomplishing the task. A good moving service provider should visit your place personally to quote the price after measuring your belongings instead of settling the things on phone or internet. The price of moving goods is a variable component while moving a home. It can vary with the amount of goods to be moved.

Before finally engaging a mover you should collect and compare the written quotations of 3-5 reputed movers in your area to find the best one. But while comparing their quotes you should not focus on their prices only but also on the quality of the services provided by them. Moreover prices of the moving service providers are negotiable as there is not fixed standard to calculate the cost of their services. You can use these written quotations as an evidence for future as well as a mean of negotiating with other service providers in Singapore.

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You can also reduce the cost of moving to your new home by limiting the number of trips. If the mover has to make several trips to move your belongings then he may charge at the rate of per trip which can increase your cost. So to avoid such condition you should either assess the number of trips yourself so that you can negotiate with the mover accordingly or arrange for bigger means of transport so that all of your belongings can be shifted to new location the least number of trips. Moreover you should not ask the moving company about the number of trips your goods may require as they will suggest for an extra trip to deliver your goods safely. It can increase you cost of moving home. So it is better to talk with several companies to get a rough ides in this respect which can help you in negotiating suitably with the moving company of your choice.

Sometimes some of the movers charge certain hidden costs which can exceed your budget for moving home. You will have to bear all theses hidden costs unless you are careful in this regard. You can ask your moving company if they are charging additionally for certain items like stairs, repacking of the goods, some additional distance, heavy weight of the items more than certain limit, express service or time of delivery etc. These are most common items for which most of the moving companies in Singapore charge additional fee. Thus by negotiating with them before moving your goods you can save money.

Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up while hiring a mover in Singapore to move your goods to new house you can save lots of money.

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