How Save Money When Moving To New House

For some of us, moving is an inevitable part of life. Almost all of of us have to move at least once in our lives. And we all find moving as a not really fun experience. Aside from all the time and efforts that we should give when moving, our pockets can also be hurt because of the expensive price that we need to pay when we move. That is why we need to learn and try some money saving tips when moving. Below is the list of the top six money saving tips when moving. 

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1. Pack all your things by yourself.
You have the choice if you want your movers to also pack your stuff for you. However, this choice is not recommended because you will have to pay a higher price if you will tell them to also pack your things. Packing all your things can take for around one to three days, depending on the amount of things you have, so the price that you will pay to your movers will literally pile up. If you will be the one to pack all of your things, then you will surely save a lot of money. You will also be able to save time and energy if you invite your family and friends to pack your things with you. Having people who will help you will surely make the packing process quicker. In addition, you can take this as an opportunity to bond with your family and friends. While packing your things, you can buy pizza and drinks so that you can also have fun after packing all your stuff. 

2. Borrow your friend's truck.
If you will move to a very far location, it will be better to have your own truck because it will lessen the travel, gas and labor fees that you need to pay for your movers. That is why you need to know if you have friends who have trucks or big cars. You can ask them if they can lend you the truck for one to two days so that you will be able to save some money. You can tell your friends that you will pay for the gas and meals so that they will not be hesitant in lending you the truck. Remember to ask nicely so that you can quickly borrow the truck or the trailer. 


3. If your friends do not have trucks, rent a truck instead of having a movers pack.
If all of your friends and relatives do not have trucks or trailers, then you can just rent your own truck or trailer. This is the best thing to do, especially if your new house is just near your old house. Instead of getting a movers pack, you can just rent a truck for a day or two because it will be less cheaper for you. Your relatives and friends can also assist you in putting your things in the truck so that the moving process will be a lot easier. Another advantage of doing this is that you will have full control of how your things will be packed in the truck. Having full control of how your things will be packed will surely lessen probability of having your things damaged.

4. Wrap your breakables in newspapers and fill the box with peanuts.
Purchasing a bubble wrap for your breakables and dishes can also be quite expensive. That is why you need to consider wrapping all of your breakables and dishes in newspaper. You can also fill the boxes that are made to break down with peanuts so that they will not be easily damaged. Doing these two things will also lessen the chance of having anything broken. Losing valuable things is not desirable and can cause you more money so remember to do these two things before you put your items in your truck or trailer.

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5. Get rid of all the items that you now longer find useful.
Instead of packing things that are not useful and wasting your energy on them, it would be better if you will not pack the not useful things that you have. Most of us tend to collect things that are not really useful and we don't realize how much space these not useful things occupy in our houses. So you really need to get rid of these not useful things that you have once you start moving. You can try to sell the things that you no longer need through a garage sale so that you can also earn more money from disposing them. If the idea of having a garage sale is not what you want, you can simply donate your things to orphanages or foundations or you can just give them to your close relatives and friends. By doing this, you will also save time and energy in not packing these not useful things that you have.

6. Collect paper boxes.
If you are working in an office where there are many paper boxes, then you can ask your boss or fellow workers if you can have some of the paper boxes. Getting paper boxes for free will also save you some money. Also, paper boxes are nice packing boxes not just because of their size but also because of their lids. The more paper boxes that you can collect, the better. If you can also collect other packing materials such as peanuts and bubble wraps for free, the better for you. These things are very nice to use when you want to move. Moreover, if you do not work in an office, you can ask your friends and relatives who work in offices to collect paper boxes for you. You can also ask them if they may have other packing materials that you can use.

Indeed, moving is hard and expensive. But you can definitely save time, energy and money if you will use the top six money saving tips when moving. So if ever you want to move to another house, keep in mind these tips so that you can save enough money for the future.

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