Is Office Relocation Service Expensive?

The answer to this question is yes and no? How so? If you are ill-prepared for office relocation it can be daunting and really expensive. On the other hand if you plan yourself well you will have a smooth transition and incur minimal cost. Costs incurred during office relocation start way before the actual moving day and may well extend after the move. This means it is not only what you do on the moving day that will affect how much you spend on the move. Of course, you want to keep the cost of moving to the bare minimal so as not to dent your personal or business finances. This guide is meant to walk you through the proper office relocation strategies that will make it less expensive.

Is Office Relocation Service Expensive?

Plan Ahead

As aforementioned planning is the key to keeping relocation costs down. Do not wait until the moving day to handle all the tasks. Planning ahead involves identifying the equipment, furniture and other fixtures that need to be moved. This will establish if you can handle the move by yourself or if you have to engage professional movers. If the equipment is bulky or fragile, it is best you involve a moving agency because they have the man power and vehicles to handle the same efficiently. If you decide to do it on your own remember it may take you several trips to transfer the office equipment and some of them might be damaged in the process. This will only add up to your relocation expenses.

Shop Around For Movers

You may have already deduced that engaging a mover is the best option for office relocation. However, movers offer different services and charge varied fees. It is therefore imperative that you ask around for different movers and get to know what they have to offer and how much they will charge for their services. As office relocation goes, the fees charged by movers should be relative to the services offered. You should not settle for the cheapest mover nor go for the most expensive. The former may be cheap because they offer inferior or limited services while the latter may just be out to exploit the situation. Go for a balance - an affordable mover offering the service you need.

Involve and Delegate Duties to Your Employees

If you run a business with multiple employees then you understand that some duties are best handled through delegation. It is best if you involve and prepare your employees for the move. This will not only avoid the last minute rush but they may also assist you in handling some of the tasks involved. For instance, if your employees have separate office compartments or cubicles you may ask them to be responsible for packing and arranging of the equipment within their space. This may reduce the relocation cost by minimizing or eliminating the expense related to hiring outsiders to handle the packing.

Is Office Relocation Service Expensive?

Pack before Hand

If you leave all the packing to the moving day you might have a problem. It is best if you select what can be packed prior to the move without disrupting business activities. This will also give you a chance to purchase packing materials - boxes, tapes, makers and so on - in advance. As you do so you may also identify equipment that will require special attention and arrange for the same. If you do so on the moving day you will have little to pack and if you had engaged a mover they might not charge you packing fees.


Utilities disconnection at the old office and reconnection at the new premise are part of your relocation tasks and budget. Utilities include electricity, water, internet, phones and other amenities you use at your business. If you fail to inform the utilities company you might incur extra cost if they do not disconnect them at the right time in your old office. In addition, if you move to the new premise without the connection of the same utilities you might disrupt your business activities. Both ways you will suffer some monetary damage.

Cleaning the Old and New Premises

Reason, if not logic, dictates that you leave the old premises clean and in the best condition possible. At the same time the new office you are moving into should be cleaned before your equipment are installed. Reputable movers offer such service or have connections you might use to achieve the same. To keep the relocation costs down use this service from movers instead of contracting cleaning services separately. Office relocation is best if it does not disrupt your workflow. For this reason it is best you plan to move on weekends or holidays and contract reputable movers.

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