How Much Per Truck Costs For House Moving?

Moving is not an easy task, it is expensive and always a very stressful moment, especially if you fail to prepare on time. Choosing the right moving company is a daunting task- choosing a right moving company will handle every aspect of the process. But it is good to hire reputable and experienced company. If you are in Singapore, there are different things that you should consider, but a very serious question you should ask is, how much is per truck for house moving in Singapore?

While moving companies have their own method to determine the cost of moving, the average cost of moving in Singapore is ranges from $250 - $400. Professional mover set the price depending on the amount of property to be moved as well as distance to be covered. The price may also vary according to the weight of belongings to be moved. When moving a small distance, most moving companies will calculate cost on per hour basis, but the cost will also depend on the volume of goods being transported. The distance covered will also affect the overall cost- obviously, if you are moving far distances you will pay more than a person moving shorter distances.

How Much Per Truck Costs For House Moving?

Some of the costs that you are going to incur include;

Packing labour and packing supplies.

When relocating, it is very important to have your properties packed properly to minimize breakages. The moving company will use its staff to disassemble furniture including wardrobe and beds, and pack all your property safely ready for transportation. Although you may choose to disassemble and pack your property, it is more convenient to use the moving company staff. First, there is added security because any breakage and lose will be compensated. If breakage or any loss occurs due to poor package, they will compensate, unlike when you pack the property yourself. In addition, moving company staff is experienced in such work to carefully disassemble all your furniture, and to safely pack all fragile equipment such as fridge.


When moving, it is very important insure your property. Although your belongings are professionally packed, accident can happen. Relocating is a risk project that any home owner can decide to take. To ensure you are well protected in case of awful happenings, you should get insurance cover. Although home owners tend to take insurance cover as extra expense, it is unavoidable expense that you should be happy to pay for.

It is also very important to hire licensed and insured moving company. In case of unexpected happenings, you can comfortably claim for compensation.

Storage fee.

It is very important to include storage fee in your budget. Most moving companies offer up to 30 days free storage period. But you never know what will happen in your new home. To ensure your property is safe even after free storage period as expired, it is very good to book excess days. Storage and insurance can cost up to 20% of the total moving cost, but it is always good to book storage for your property.

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Loading and offloading.

You will also cost of loading and offloading your belongings. The cost of loading and offloading your property will depend on the volume and the weight of items. The cost will also depend on the distance and the means used. For example, movers may use specialized equipment such as crane or elevators to load and offload your property, this obviously means more cost.

Express delivery.

Depending on the schedule, you may incur express delivery cost, if you want the property to be delivered in a tight delivery window. If you want your property to be delivered immediately, within a week or less, you are going to incur express delivery cost.

Hoisting fees.

If you have items such as elliptical machine or large sofa that does not fit through the door and should go through the window, moving companies will charge a hoisting fee for that.

These are some of the costs that you are likely to incur. The cost can also vary depending on the company that you will hire. But in Singapore, per truck house moving ranges from $250 to $400. Before hiring an mover, ensure you understand terms and conditions, and check if there is any hidden cost. Always use reliable and reputable company.

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