9 Smart Tips For A Smooth Office Moving

Commercial moving can quickly escalate from being exciting to a challenging one. Whether you're moving in or out of the city, scaling up or downsizing for efficiency, there are multiple components to be taken care of to make the process as smooth as possible. So, on the off chance that you end up in a position of coordinating the process of relocation, here are 9 smart tips on office moving to make the process headache-free.

Office Moving

1) Plan in Advance:

If there is a chance, start planning the move at least 4-5 months in advance. This will ensure that you have adequate time to take care of all the details without being cramped for time. As soon as you know that you're moving into a new office, sketch out a detail plan of the new space and decide where everything and everyone will be placed. By doing this, you give an opportunity for the employees to plan how their new workspace would look. To implement this, start by creating a map or floorplan with all the locations clearly labelled. Share this plan with both the movers and employees so that everyone is well informed about the moving plan.

2) Hire a Moving Company Early:

It is quite obvious that moving a corporate office involves relocating quite a number of people and equipments. Hence, it is best to hire a full-time moving company at least 2-3 months ahead of the actual date. Have the contractor prepare a detailed estimate of the budget required for the task. Before zeroing on a particular moving company, make a clear background check of the company on the internet. Also, make sure that they are experienced in commercial relocation and have them make an on-site quote for the task. Or even better, talk to the people who have moved offices in the past and get recommendations from them. Treat the movers with the same professional standard as you treat anyone else that you do business with.

3) Talk to the IT Team:

Set up an formal meeting with your IT team 2 months in advance and give them a notice to start planning for the transfer of the technical equipment, phone connections, internet plans etc. They might need to have a good look at the new space and suggest necessary changes in the infrastructure and the equipment being brought into the new office. Offices these days rely heavily on the tech team and giving them enough time would make the transition as smooth as possible for the entire office.

Office Moving

4) Update Your Address:

Keep your clients updated that you're moving and update the company's address in your letter heads, business cards and other collaterals at least one week before you move in. A month before you move in, talk to Google's representatives and have your online listing and address changed. Typically, it takes a little over 4 weeks as they need to verify the change and send in conformation materials. Also, get in touch with the vendors and suppliers you have worked in the past so that the future deliveries would be delivered to the correct address.

5) Dispose Unnecessary Stuff:

Do not bring in the things that you don't need into the new office. Shred all the unnecessary papers, sell off the equipment that you no longer require and dump the old furniture that has been collecting dust. There is absolutely no point in spending money to transfer the stuff that you know you would never use. Coming to the donation part, it can be used as a write-off for tax, so contact your accountants to find out the exact paperwork required as you purge the unnecessary stuff.

6) Order New Equipment:

Once you are done with moving the office, you need to have everything you require to continue with the daily activities. So, once the tech team makes a list of the required infrastructure, place a complete order for all the new equipment and furniture. So now, all the stuff will be ready for you to unpack and settle in by the time you reach the new office. While ordering any large items, have it delivered to the new office, or you'll end up paying twice for the same stuff: once to get it shipped to the old office and once for it to be moved again. Talk with the supplier and time your purchases to arrive at the new office a couple of days before you move in.

Office Moving

7) Reschedule Client Meetings and Deadlines Accordingly:

Plan a buffer period of at least 3 days for the entire office after you move in to the new office. Make sure that all the client meetings within this period are rescheduled and the deadlines pushed a little further say a week. No one would like to run around finding a clean place to have a meeting and it would be extremely stressful to have a big project due while the equipment required is yet to be unpacked. Once the moving date is set, add a buffer period and plan appropriately.

8) Try Using Color Coding:

For larger companies that have multiple departments and a large workforce, commercial moving companies are most likely to recommend a color coding system to coordinate properly. Color coding is indeed a wonderful tool that has worked well in several instances. If confusion still persists even after the color coding, you can try labelling the package boxes to keep stuff manageable after the relocation. But before implementing all this, make sure that all the employees understand how it works.

9) Organize the Employees:

While the employees are busy packing their stuff, have them put their name on all the four sides of the box. This would make it easier to place the boxes after moving them into the new office. It would be extremely good if some sort of code to place the boxes in the exact location according to the layout chart you shared. Name cards can also be employed to enhance the efficiency of the moving process and keep your movers organized.

Proper planning and execution can make the moving process quite smooth and hassle-free. Happy Moving!

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