8 Tips To Pack Neatly When House Moving

After spending countless of days to look for the perfect house and location for your living it is finally time to relax. No doubt, this needs a lot of energy, time as well as money for this whole process. But before you start relaxing, one more thing that is coming to haunt you is packing and moving. That is another tough job to do which drains a lot of energy and also takes a lot of time. When you plan to move to the new house you have to pack the entire house neatly so that you do not forget anything and also the things are safely packed. Here are some tips for you to pack before you move to your new house in Singapore. These will help you ease down and pack efficiently.

House Moving

So, these are the top 8 tips for you to pack your house neatly before you call a professional mover to move to your new home:

Tips #1: Remove Unnecessary Items and Donate/Throwaway Old Stuffs

Packing and moving gets much easier when you first declutter your old home. In this process, you have to throw away all the unnecessary and old things that you do not need anymore. This can be worn out boxes, broken things, little and broken ornaments or anything that cannot be used anymore. And if you have any old items that are still usable but you do not use it or find it necessary for your new home, it is better to donate those items in a charity. This will be a grateful gesture and the needy ones will get them. There is no point of throwing the stuffs out if they are usable and if can be used by someone who will be pleased to get it.

Tips #2: Never Leave Packing At The Last Minute

One of the most common mistake that many people do is packing at the last moment. Never ever do that. Packing should not be a last minute work ever. For moving your house in Singapore, your top most priority should be packing. It is important to start the preparation as early as possible to avoid rush, chaos and mess up. In the last minute packing, many things can go wrong such as missing items, not packing carefully and also packing some unnecessary items. So, it is better to prepare a list before you start to pack. This will help you to think calmly and rationally. Thus, packing will be faster and better.

House Moving

Tips #3: Accumulate All The Essential Packing Materials

Before you start the final packing, make sure you have all the essential packing materials ready. You have to get sturdy and durable boxes of different sizes for moving. Along with that you also need cling wrap, tapes, bubble wraps, scissors, old newspapers, pen, knifes and labels. You also have to make sure that you wrap all the brittle and delicate items like chinaware, mirrors, vases and glassware in bubble wrap. You also have to fill the empty spaces with the newspaper.

Tips #4: Do Your Packing On Your Own

Many house moving tips will suggest you too hire a professional packer and mover who will help you to pack your items. It is undoubtedly practical and also saves a lot of energy as well as time. But everyone does not like to hire someone to intrude on all the personal stuffs that you have. Also, hiring a professional will undoubtedly cost you a lot of money. Thus, packing your things on your own will be better. It is also important to label each and every box in order to avoid any confusion later. While packing, make sure to put the heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. Do not have over-pack the boxes that contain fragile or heavy items.

Tips #5: Pack Items Based on Rooms

Next on the list of tips for packing before you move to your new home in Singapore is packing items by room. In this ways, the packing will be much more systematic as well as manageable. When you are packing make sure to pack, seal and label all the boxes for each room. You have to pack your stuffs according to different categories or uses. Always pack under different categories like cleaning supplies, tableware, home decors, shoes, clothes etc. When it comes to cash, expensive jewelleries and important documents never pack in boxes. Pack them in a bag and keep it close to your body.

House Moving

Tips #6: Take Special Care for Large Electronic Appliances

One of the most difficult of all the packing is the packing of large electronic appliances. These can be washing machine, Television, desktop computers, microwave etc. For these you have to make sure that you have large boxes to fit them and along with that protective stuffs. Pack all these items individually. First, wrap the television in the bubble wrap and then put it inside the box. Stuff all the empty places with newspapers. Also, pack the wires properly.

Tips #7: Keep The Boxes In A Spacious Place

It is very important to keep a spacious area in your house to keep all the packed boxes over there. Once a box is fully packed, sealed and labelled, keep the box in that area. It should be a safe place where kids should not come. Like this, keep all the boxes ready for moving finally once all the packing is done.

Tips #8: Call A Reliable Mover

Once your packing is done and you are ready to move into another house, it is very much important for you to make sure that you call a reliable mover. Do all your researches to ensure that the mover is reliable and experienced enough to move all your items safely from your old home to the new one. Now, with the help of these movers, carry the packed boxes one by one to the vehicle.

So, these are some of the useful tips for you to know about packing neatly before you start moving to your new house in Singapore. You have to be very careful while packing as this is one of the most delicate jobs.

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