8 Tips On Moving Heavy Furniture

When moving, one of the most challenging tasks is moving heavy and bulky furniture such as dining tables, sofas, chairs, etc. You have to ensure that you move them safely so that you avoid hurting yourself or anybody else or even damaging the furniture. In case you have professional movers, you should also make a point of ensuring your furniture isn’t damaged.

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When moving, these bulky items note that you should not try doing it on your own, whether you are moving to a different town, across the street or even a different room. You need to exercise a lot of caution. It is vital for you to study the situation before you start moving your bulky furniture. You can start doing this by first mapping things out and determining the dimensions of the furniture. Also, measure the hallways and doorways through which the furniture is supposed to pass.

If the furniture can be dismantled, it would be wise and easier for you to do so and make sure that the nuts, screws, and bolts are well stored.

Some of the tips you should consider when moving heavy furniture include:

Use moving equipment

Your safety and that of those around you when moving heavy items should be of much importance. Therefore, when moving large things from your home or office, you are advised to use moving equipment when necessary and if they are available. There are some this equipment that you can use and for sure they will make your moving experience quite good. Some of this equipment include moving dollies, furniture sliders and moving straps. This equipment will help prevent joint and other bodily injuries and will even protect your furniture from potential damages.

Empty the furniture

When moving furniture such as wall units, wardrobes, and cupboards, make sure that they are empty. People tend not to empty these types of furniture when moving them. Not emptying them makes them even move heavier. By emptying such furniture also allows for flexible and easy movement since the movers will only have to concentrate on the bulky furniture and not its contents.

Use moving blankets

They are invaluable compared to the items you are moving as well as your house. You can either rent them or buy them according to your preference, but both options are relatively cheap. Not only do these blankets protect your furniture, wall, and floors from damage, they can also be used when sliding or dragging the piece of furniture. In case you are moving either upstairs or downstairs, you should consider wrapping the furniture with more blankets and drape them over the steps.

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Disassemble and unload

Some pieces of furniture such as drawers that can be unloaded should be detached and carried separately. Cushions from chairs and sofas should also be taken off. Also, consider taking off knobs, glass tops, mirrors, feet and any other parts that can be disassembled. In the case of beds, disassemble the whole thing to single pieces. In so doing, the pieces of furniture become lighter, less bulky and hence they are easier to squeeze through narrow hallways and doors.

Plan where they should land

If you are moving into a new apartment, decide beforehand where each piece of furniture is to be located. Before you start moving make a sketch of the floor plan with accurate measurements of each room. After which, measure your furniture and create your layout. Then as you or your helpers are moving things inside the new house, you will place the furniture in their respective locations, and you will not have to touch them again. To make the process easier for the movers, stick the copy of the plan to the walls of each room so that they can tell at a glance where they are supposed to place the furniture.

Don’t Drag or Carry – Slide

You can get furniture slides in various shapes and sizes online and at home centers. It is also a lot easier to make your sliders from bedspreads, moving blankets, Frisbees, plastic container covers, and carpet remnants. Use padded, soft sliders for hard flooring and hard plastic sliders for carpeting when moving furniture.

Carry tall items high and low

A shelving unit, filing cabinet or a tall dresser is awkward to handle. Therefore you should make it a two person job. Flip the item backward at the desired angle and have one person carry the top while the other person carries the bottom. This manages to center the weight and prevents the item being carried from swinging out of control. This carrying technique also makes moving the item upstairs or downstairs easier since the carrying angle will be almost similar to the slope of the stairs.

Hook chairs around corners

When using this method, you are required to turn the chair on its side such that it forms an L shape. This position makes it easier for you to fit the chair through sharp corners and door ways. Moving heavy and bulky furniture is quite as hard as it is without maneuvering your way through doors and hallways with trial and error.

- Move the back of the chair through the corner or doorway first then curl around the corner or the frame of the door to get it through with ease.

- If you are not certain on how to bend from your hips, begin by squatting. Lift up the item from the squatting position by propelling yourself upwards using your legs.

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After going through the article, it is quite obvious that the next time you shift from one place to another, or you want to rearrange your home or office you will be doing so with a smile. These tips will make the shifting of heavy furniture be a walk in the park experience for you. Many people dread moving because of the weight and bulkiness of their furniture. However, with the right equipment and techniques, this process can be made very easy.

However, if you still feel that these tips are still not effective for you, you might consider the option of hiring professional movers who will for sure do it for you in an equally appropriate and professional manner.

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