7 Tips On Moving Your Piano

First and foremost, it is always best if professional movers are hired to move something as heavy and large as piano, so you may have to move it down elevators or stairs. Of course, you would not want to damage your valuable piano, but you may also not want to damage your back and your house. Nonetheless, if you have made up your mind to first, try and move your piano on your own, then the following tips will probably come in handy.

7 Tips On Moving Your Piano

Tips To Help You Move Your Piano

1. Using proper equipment

Heavy-duty straps should be purchased or rented, this way you will be able to maintain a better grip on your piano while moving it. A furniture dolly should also be used, which will not give way under the weight of the piano. The piano may also be secured to the dolly using straps. If you are having trouble deciding what would be the right tools to move your piano, a moving supply centre or a moving truck rental agency could offer you some suggestions accordingly. Blankets or padding will also have to be purchased or rented, so that your piano does not get damaged from bumps. In fact, this way your walls will not get cracked and/or scrapped in the process of moving the piano.

2. Safeguard the lid from damage

Along with the piano itself, the lid of the keyboard should also be protected. To make sure that the keyboard lid does not open while you are moving the piano, close and lock the lid first. Pianos have fragile keys, and so, you need to safeguard them. If you are not able to or cannot lock the keyboard lid, then make sure that you at least wrap your piano in such a way that the lid is closed shut. The use of tape for this purpose should be avoided as the surface of the wood will get damaged.

3. Wrap your piano in something

The piano, especially the corners, should be wrapped in blankets or padding that was recommended to be purchased or rented, and the blankets or padding should be secured with packing tape. The tape should be used in such a way that it does not come into contact with the surface of the piano. The blankets or padding that are used should be thick enough so that the piano remains safeguarded from any bumps.

4. Lift the piano properly

Never lift your piano by its legs, whether you are lifting it onto the furniture dolly, to move it to another spot or onto the truck. The legs of a piano are very prone to breaking or getting damaged. Moreover, the piano should be kept in an upright position. Considering the inner mechanics of a piano, it is not wise to lay it on its side. If you have asked someone for help, then make sure you at least have four people, two to stand on each side, while the moving straps should be placed under the bottom with straps on both ends. Each of the four people should hold an end of the strap, this way the four corners of the piano will be supported, and the piano can then be lifted onto the furniture dolly. Now the piano should be secured on the dolly, making sure that the legs sit flat on it. If there are castors on your piano, these should either be locked in place or you should secure it piano as much as possible.

5. Secure your piano as much as possible

If you are going to move your piano in a moving truck, make sure you put it at the back, next to the back wall that separates the interior cabin of the truck from the storage area in the back. Level flooring can be provided to the piano by using wooden planks, since the floor of a moving truck is not level. This way, the casters and piano legs will not have to bear the pressure, and if the piano remains stable during the move, they will not get strained. If planks are used, they should be laid along the back wall. After the piano has been lifted from the dolly, it should be placed onto the planks; it can then be secured to the truck wall using the moving straps. It should be made sure that the piano is secured enough so that the movement of the truck does not cause it to roll around.

6. Place the piano at the right spot

Where into a new house or at a different location in your current house, make sure that you move your piano only after you have figured out precisely where you are going to place it. You should place it against a wall and if possible, against an inside wall so that the cold and damp are not able to damage it.

7. Tune your piano after you move it

You must tune your piano every time you move it. No doubt, pianos appear to be quite solid an tend to be heavy, but the inner mechanics are so sensitive that bumps and movements can easily alter them. You can bring your piano sound as perfectly as it did before you moved it by hiring a professional tuner.
The above tips will certainly come in handy if you decide to move your piano by yourself, preferably with at least the help of four or more people. However, it would still be better if professional movers are hired, unless that is not an option or you do not want to.

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